Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Extended Family Presents: SXSW 2012 Mixtape

Voltaire Twins ? @VoltaireTwins
If you haven't already downloaded Family Records's free SXSW mixtape, better get on it! We're on there, along...

1. Big Scary - Thinking About You ("Four Seasons" out now + free mixtape)
2. Dry The River - Weights & Measures ("Shallow Bed" out March 5th)
3. I Am Oak - Gills ("Oasem" out now)
4. Little Hurricane - Haunted Heart (Debut LP out May 1st)
5. Matt Corby - Brother ("Into The Flame" EP out now)
6. Savoir Adore - Dreamers ("Dreamers" 7" out now)
7. Zulu Winter - Let's Move Back To Front (Debut single out now)
8. Lightyear - Home ("All Of The Miles" EP out now)
9. Voltaire Twins - Animalia ("Romulus" EP out now)
10. We Are Augustines - Headlong Into The Abyss ("Rise Ye Sunken Ships" out now)
11. Miracles of Modern Science - Mom's Away! (look out for their album "Dog Year" this Fall)
12. Ambassadors - Unconsolable ("Litost" LP out now)
13. Now Now - Dead Oaks ("Threads" out Spring 2012 courtesy of Trans Records)

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